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Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing in West Rand & Randburg

Installations of  Palisade and Defence Pool Fencing  West Rand, Roodepoort, Randfontein, Krugersdorp, Randburg and other surrounding West Rand Areas.

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Palisade Pool Fencing and Defence Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing Regulations In South Africa. How Do They Affect You?

It isn't a secret. The majority of South Africans are ignorant of any pool fence laws. According to the Department of Water and Sanitation, more than one child drowns every day in the country.

This indicates that drowning is a severe and unsolvable problem in South Africa.

If you have a swimming pool and inquisitive toddlers who are not yet capable of swimming on their own, you need be aware of pool fencing restrictions and keep your children out of the pool area.

palisade pool fencing

Add the perfect finishing touch to your swimming pool with one of our beautifully designed and custom built pool enclosures.

What Is Palisade Fencing and Defence Fencing?

Defence Fencing is a security barrier that is CCTV suited, anti-cut, and unclimbable. It is currently one of the most desirable forms of security fencing methods available in South-Africa. There is a variety of options to accommodate our customers' budgets while maintaining high levels of border protection. This high density mesh is always in stock and available locally to residents, businesses, and communities.
Conventional palisade fences are composed of steel. It is both robust and difficult to dismantle. Palisade fences are either galvanized or powder coated. This protects the steel against rust, which would otherwise weaken it.

What Is The Cost Benefits Of Defence Pool Fencing And Palisade Pool Fencing?

In today’s economy a penny saved is a penny earned. Because Defence Fencing utilize a small amount of material, the cost is low, and the majority of the expenditures paid will be for labor. In terms of palisade fencing, the overall cost will vary based on the length and height of the completed fence. The materials chosen, and any unique add-ons. However, when compared to other security barriers, palisade fence is more cost-effective.

Benefits of Having a Pool Fence around Your Pool.

The primary advantage of putting a fence around the pool is for safety. With palisade fencing and defence fencing, you can see what is going on in your pool area at all times.
Installing a pool fence enhances the value of your home since it eliminates one work that a future buyer would have to perform. It also demonstrates that you take safety and upkeep seriously. This will also decrease instalments on your property insurance.
There is no question that the appropriate pool fence may enhance the appearance of your property as well as the pool itself. The only option left is whether to go with a palisade fence or a defence fencing.

The workmanship on all our products is guaranteed for 1 year.


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