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Carports Roodepoort

Installations of Carports in Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Randfontein and surrounding areas.

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Are you looking for a company that produces reliable carports? That gives you the flexibility of allowing you to easily design and customise your own products? Then MF Steel is your answer.

Carports Roodepoort

MF Steel's range of carports and shelters are the perfect way to protect your valuable vehicles from the infamous Gauteng hail storms.

We manufacture and install all styles of iron carports, including dome carports, peak carports and flat carports.

Our carports are manufactured from the highest quality materials. We use IBR sheeting and 0.5 full hard Lip Channels 150 x 50 x 20. Carport posts 76 X 76 square tubing for standard carports. When we build a carport we build it to last!

All our carports come with a 1 year warranty on our workmanship.

carport roodepoort

Benefits of Carports


Rain, hail, and the typical heat and light of the sun can inflict considerable damage to your vehicle when you park it under a tree or just plain out in the open. Parking it under a carport is the best option. This will largely reduce the amount of weather your car experiences, at least while it’s parked at home.


We've all experienced the terror of the dark when exiting our vehicle late at night. You'll appreciate the increased protection provided by a carport, especially if you close the sides and ends.

Criminal Activity

Carports, can be more of an obstacle than an enclosed garage due to their open appearance. The garage must be broken into. Because of the visibility, a carport provides a barrier to criminal activity against your car if it is kept lighted.


Carports are reasonably cheap to have installed. Because there are so many options to choose from, costs can be kept lower than when building an enclosed garage.


The structure can stand alone or be attached to the house. Adding a carport next to the house, depending on the layout of your property, can even help reduce the effects of the weather by acting as a windbreak and keeping the house at a more consistent temperature.

Entertainment Space

A carport may be transformed into an instant entertainment space. You won't have to worry about a planned birthday braai being ruined by the weather because your carport provides the perfect protection all year.


Even though many homes now have garages, they can only fit one car (assuming they aren't being used for storage) whereas many families have two vehicles. You gain another allocated area for a vehicle as well as a safe, shaded parking spot by building a carport. Remember that carports aren't just for cars; they're also wonderful for caravans, boats, and motorcycles.

Add Value to Your Home

A carport provides additional protection and gives homebuyers some peace of mind, which they don't get with a home that requires vehicles to park in the street or in an open driveway.

Carports Are Multi-Purpose

  • When a carport isn’t being occupied by a vehicle, it’s a good space to get work done that’s not well-suited for the indoors.
  • Keeps car cool under the shade on hot days
  • Prevents sun bleaching
  • Easier access than a garage, no temptation to fill it with clutter
  • Less exposure to outdoor debris such as falling leaves, pollen, etc.

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