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Palisade Fencing

Hot Rolled Palisade Fencing vs Cold Rolled

Difference between hot rolled and cold rolled palisades

Hot rolled steel palisades are a higher quality product than cold-rolled palisades,

Hot rolled steel is very hard to bend, whereby cold-rolled palisades and spikes can be bend more easily. Cold rolled palisades are actually just steel strips that are bent into the shape of angle iron.

The surface on hot rolled is rough so that paint sticks to it. The surface on the cold-rolled palisades is smooth and does not stick on the surface and you have to repaint it after a couple of years as it peels off from the cold.

Hot rolled steel is also more rust-resistant than cold-rolled.

Overall cold-rolled palisades are cheaper to install, but in the long run, your maintenance on cold-rolled panels is more expensive.