Wire Mesh Fencing

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What is a wire mesh fencing?

Wire mesh fencing also known as a welded wire mesh fence is similar to an invisible wall.

Benefits of steel mesh fencing.

  • It is an anti-climb, anti-cut fence and see-through.
  • The fence is see-through and as such it gives you a clear view of your property, enhancing security.
  • Welded mesh fencing appears almost invisible from a certain distance.
  • Mesh fencing is safe and secure.
  • The weld mesh is weatherproof and doesn`t rust due to rain.
  • Our mesh fencing can easily be used with an electric fence.
  • Highly durable and will remain for many years compared to another fencing.
  • Spikes can easily be fitted with the installation of the weld mesh.
  • The fence is also built with anti-tamper nuts and bolts to ensure they cannot be unfastened or taken apart.
Wire Mesh Fencing
Wire Mesh Fencing Installation

The welded mesh fencing might be usable for:

  • Commercial fencing
  • Residential fencing
  • Wildlife boundary security
  • Sports stadiums
  • Golf courses
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Swimming pool fencing
  • Military Sites

Wire mesh fencing prices.

The price depends on the length, height, and coating of the fence. Contact us for a free estimate.

De-Fence High-Security Mesh Fencing.

Our prefered anti climb fencing manufacturer is De-Fence High-Security Fencing.

The reasons why we prefer using De-Fence High-Security Mesh Fencing are because:

  • The welded mesh panels are high resistances.
  • The wire fencing panels are designed to create a smooth join along the entire length of the post for maximum strength and tension.
  • It contains a range of add-ons that can be installed to meet any requirements. That includes spikes, razor wire, and electric fencing.

Panel Specifications of High-Security Mesh Fencing

  • Width – 2900mm
  • Height – 2200mm, 1800mm, 1200mm (Pool Fence) or to client specifications
  • Mesh Aperture – 76,2mm x 12,7mm
  • Wire Diameter – 3mm Horizontal and 4mm Vertical
  • Wave Bends – 4 Strengthening Bends
  • Coating Finishes – Hot Dipped Galvanised, Galvanised or Powder coated

 High-Security Mesh Fencing Post Specifications

  • Profile – Tube, 60mm x 80mm
  • Weld Mesh Wall Thickness – 2mm
  • Surface Treatment – Hot Dipped Galvanised, Galvanised or Powder coated
  • Height – Panel Height + 600mm
  • Post Cap – PVC

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Don’t hesitate to contact MF Steel today for a cost-effective wire mesh fencing security solution that you will love. The contact number is 082 569 6534

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